We, as a garment manufacturing and export company established in Istanbul / Sultanbeyli in 2005;

We are manufacturing and exporting upper and lower garments, sportswear for children,men and women from knitted and woven fabrics to all European countries, mainly England and Germany.

Our top priority is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and is not to compromise on quality.We believe that this understanding brings continuity of working and healthy  cooperation in the sector.Our production center  inSultanbeyli / İstanbul is designed as a total of 2000 m2 and  5 floors.

  • Projection Department
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Designing and Cutting Section
  • Quality Control Department
  • Showroom 

Emda Tekstil serves with 90 employeesby many years of experience in the field of clothing.

EmdaTekstilhas the capacity to produce 300.000 garments per month.


Developing customer-oriented design and model, combining with production experience and always provide fast and quality services to our customers.Developing  modern and contemporary models,  being  open to innovations, working with team spirit by considering cusmoter satisfaction, being a model company that always provides high quality and fast service and our mission is to continue to be a company that always carries out its services in the best way by doesn’t waste people's trust.


Being the first brand comes to mind for our customers with speed, quality and production power in the competition  we are in.Having basic values and common goals  and always to be a company with a balance of happy employees and happy customers.


Our values which makes us different and characterize our company;

  • To see their employees as the greatest source of strength and resources.
  • Trustworthy
  • Modernist
  • Responsible and dedicated
  • Contemporary
  • Fair


Quality check in EmdaTekstilcontains  purchasingfabric, lining, thread ,accessories  and ends with thelast stage of production.It is aimed to catch customer standards with the tests at the entrance of fabrics and accessories.Our quality is ensured both in our well-trained employees and in our production lines.Our quality control personels check the products both during the production and end of the production so to provide the desired quality standard while the product is in the band.

When production is completed, the quality of each product is individually controlled by our  quality control personels.During the quality control phase, the products are labeled, packaged and shipped according to the technical specifications of the customer.As EMDA Textile; every time we ship ,we are committed to high quality standards.